Sandy Cove near Kinsale, Courtaparteen Church & Graveyard. Cork Ireland
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karl grabe
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IMG_0970ec Sandy Cove fog nr Kinsale IMG_0973ec IMG_0975ec Sandy Cove Fog Kinsale KG040828 Sandy Cove Kinsale Cork KG040829
IMG_0970ec Sandy Cove fog nr Kinsale.jpg IMG_0973ec.jpg IMG_0975ec Sandy Cove Fog Kinsale.jpg KG040828 Sandy Cove Kinsale Cork.jpg KG040829.jpg
KG040831 KG040834 KG130901 sandy cove KG130910 sandy cove island KG130915 sandy cove
KG040831.jpg KG040834.jpg KG130901 sandy cove.jpg KG130910 sandy cove island.jpg KG130915 sandy cove.jpg
KG130917 sandy cove KG130926 KG130929 KG130935  Courtaparteen Church KG130938
KG130917 sandy cove.jpg KG130926.jpg KG130929.jpg KG130935 Courtaparteen Church .jpg KG130938.jpg