RMS Lusitania

7 May 2021, by CorkCoast.com, @CorkCoast


RMS Lusitania was a Cunard ocean liner torpedoed by the German U-20 on 7 May 1915 just 15 km South of the Old Head of Kinsale, Cork, Ireland with the loss of 1,198 people.

2021.06.21 106th Commemoration video from oldHeadofKinsale.com, who now own the wreck and are fundraising for the Museum.

2015.05.07 100th Commemoration & Opening of the Signal Tower at the Old Head of Kinsale: CorkCoast.com/tower

(mostly) my own photos & collection of Lusitania items:

Postcards, mostly picked up on ebay. Circa 1910. Pictures of them all here.

Medal - replica minted shortly after the German original showing the sinking ship - at the end of the Postcards

MV Odyssey Explorer and Zeus II ROV Photos I took in Jul 2008 outside Kinsale when they were filming the wreck. The program was shown on Discovery Channel.

L-R: Marine Map showing wreck, a photo I took from the site - passengers could clearly see the Old Head of Kinsale from the sinking ship, sonar image of the Lusitania from a boat sounder in 2009 just over the wreck. All Images Map GPS waypoints - also shows whales etc.

L-R: memorial near the old head of kinsale, Lusitania's Captain Turner, U-20 Submarine. All Images

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