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Cork Coast, Ireland: Photos, Videos, News, sea life - inc. dolphins, whales, seals, sharks etc. Cork Marine Waypoints DIY Hydrophone Lusitania


2022.02.01 Webcams, updated, on the coast

2015.05.15 Cobh Town & Cove Fort and Titanic Memorial Garden ( Photos of the Cork Coast)


2015.05.14 Passage West & Monkstown ( Photos of the Cork Coast)

2015.05.07 Lusitania Centenary & Signal Tower opening near Old Hd Kinsale
2014.11.30 Sonar Dolphin images @ Old Head of Kinsale

2014.10.27 Fort Camden Aug 2014 photos (previous years)
2014.04.01 Our April 1st Hoax photos: Shark, Iceberg in Cork harbour.
2014.03.27 Great whale photos off Baltimore taken by IWDG Member Brendan Quinn aboard Celtic Mist.

2013.12.14 Celtic Mist Dolphins, Baltimore Nov 2013

2013.10.20 Cork Rebel Week Gathering - photos of naval ships, LE Eithne being turned.

2013.09.11 Astrid: photos and videos from sinking to raising

2013.09.15 Cork Docks - Kennedy Quay, cranes, animimal feed towers being demolished.

2013.08.09 Kinsale's Old old bridge location and abandoned trawler - Photos

2013.09.07 Kinsale Lighthouse open day Photos & YouTube. Fundraiser for the Signal Tower .. more.

2013.09.01 Fort Camden 2013 photos (previous years)

2013.08.25 Verolme Dockyard Gathering - rare opening to the public - photos.

2013.07.18 Lough Hyne - Touch Tanks with marine life, Dr Rob McAllen UCC

2013.06.30 Dingle Seals new born pups: Photos & Hi-Res Video. Few days old, being tube fed.

2013.06.27 Video Sovereigns Cup Kinsale, close encounters. Class 1 IRC near Old Hd Kinsale

2013.06.06 Boaters: Simple DIY project for you to measure phytoplankton with your smartphone.

2013.04.29 Visualisation of Bunratty Dolphins with a Spectogram: video with comments of this mp3
2013.04.28 20th anniversary of the Shannon Dolphin Project. - talks etc.
2013.04.18 Bunratty Dolphins hydrophone MP3s: Short & Long. Recorded by SDWF & IWDG

2012.01.27 Storm waves at the Old Hd Kinsale: uTube; photo Minane Rock hole open bay west.

2013.01.13 1st whale watching trip photos on RV Celtic Mist for members.

2013.01.17 Fin Whales surface beside RV Celtic mist youTube. Bow Riding dolphins video.

2013.01.04 HMS Bounty in Cork Harbour 2011. Sank Oct 2012 with loss of 2 crew.

2012.09.16 Cork Harbour Open 2012 Emergency Services, Search Dogs, NMCI, SkyTec UAV

2012.08.14 Photos live stranded fin whale Baltimore; Co Cork; Ireland. Video (no nasty scenes)

2012.08.12 Photos Launch of RV Celtic Mist in Kilrush.'s research vessel also:. Video. RVCM info
2012.07.29 Photos 2012, 2011, 2010

2012.07.23 Guided walk West of Old Head Kinisale, part of Ballinspittal Festival 2012. V. Misty!

2012.07.21 Kinsale, tubing, charles fort, beach. CourtmasSherry Bay Rocks, Barrel Rocks

2012.06.24 RV Celtic Mist refit - paint and antifouling go on. Photos

2012.06.10 RNLI Crosshaven Open Day. Lifeboats, ex-Lifeboats, raft challenge etc.

2012.05.27 Flat Head to Reanies Point Cliffs; Pillars at Reanies Pt, old farm machines, flowers.

2012.05.20 Hole Open Bay East Old Head of Kinsale; Black Head -medieval? wall (+) cave photo.
2012.05.13 Lispatrick rocks and beaches near old Head of Kinsale, irish pirate
2012.04.22 Barry's Head between Nohoval and Oysterhaven. Lord Nelson ship in the distance @end

2012.04.15 Foynes Flying Boat Museum, near Limerick.
2012.04.11 Galley Head Lighthouse, west Cork coast, on Titanic 100 Rembrance day
2012.03.25 Alexander v Humboldt Tall Ship visits Cobh
2012.02.03 Celtic Mist early on in the refit - Photo album
2011.07.08 Photos of IWDG's Celtic Mist Research Vessel @ Tall Ships Wateford. Newspapers: 1 & 2

Cork Harbour Open Day 4 Sep 2010:LE Aoife + Boat race + rescue competition

Jul 09 Limerick dock

New 3 Sep 2011 IWDG Fin Whale Biopsy Research Trip Jul 2011

  • Video shot off the West Cork Coast around Galley Head & 7 Heads areas, the boat's track is shown at the start.
  • The video shows an researcher, Conor, shooting special darts with a cross-bow at surfacing 60+ ton Fin whales to get skin samples for analysis. Colin, the skipper, had to carefully bring the boat close enough. The operation was supevised by a park ranger from the
  • Reports on this trip from IWDG & Ireland's Wildlife
  • "Holly Jo" Skipper Colin Barnes Whale Watching

Coming 'soon': Video of part 2 from the same trip with 'just' some common dolphins, a shark and diving gannets...

24 Jun 09 Summer 09

  • 22Jun: Bottlenose Dolphins Kinsale harbour Video clips: Long, Short some photos. Common dolphins galley head photos.
  • First humpback of 09, has lucky escape - see IWDG article
  • Dolphin stampede! (USA) video (from uTube)

26 Apr 09 Common Dolphins off the Old Head of Kinsale

New Video clips: Low Res24mb, HiRes, Short. Some common dolphins approach the boat bow riding and and spy hoping.Taken of the old head of Kinsale Co cork Ireland. 11 Sep 05. Some pictures captured from the video. Common Dolphin profile..

17Jan 09 Courtmacsherry / Kilbrittain whale

Photos, Images, Videos, TV clips and more.

Irish Whale and Dolphin Group & Joy Reidenberg, Associate Professor at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine perform gross portmortem on the Courtmacsherry / Kilbrittain whale along with UCC and Cork County Council

  • 16 Dec 08: First recording of singing Humpbacks off the south coast sound: video IWDG article & uTube (far left)
  • 29-Nov-08: Discovered this dead dolphin species (photo on left) floating at the old head of kinsale. Photos.
  • 2-Nov-07 RTE News Google video of Fin Whales feeding off the Galley Head - movie (download 17Mb mp4 video)

More Pictures of the common dolphins on 3-Nov-07 at the old head of kinsale. Polarizing filter used to give less glare on underwater shot. Ever seen a dolphin ghost? have a look at pic KG030400.jpg.

27Jul08 - some more common dolphins at the old head-difficult photo conditions with a heavy swell, a sun fish and rock formations at hole open bay west.

Pictures of the Common Dolphins. 10km South of Courtmacsherry 28 Aug 2007.

See the rest of the photos. Jun 2006 Hole Open Bay west at the old head of kinsale co cork ireland.

Gulls, Guillemots, seals

Basking Shark in Kinsale Harbour 9 Jun 07. More Photos. No, they're not really that colour but it gives a better view of the shark against the background. More info on the Basking Shark, the second largest fish. Filter feeder - no teeth - it won't eat you!


Movie Minke Whales Jul 2005 off the old head of kinsale:

see it full size, right click to download it, 65MB

pictures here


Movie Harbour Porpoise jul 2005 off the old kead of kinsale

see it full size or right-click to download it. 34MB

See Pictures

Seal release Fountainstown 17 Jan 2007. See more pictures. See also

Seal in Kinsale Harbour April 2006. (s)he found a nice flat 'rock' to bask on where the tide never goes out!

11 Sep 2005 Common Dolphins off the Old Head of Kinsale. See more pictures. 26Apr09 - Uploaded video Video clips: Low Res24mb, HiRes , Short

Sounds of the sea, DIY hydrophones. Recording of shrimp near the old head of kinsale

Fin Whale Nov 2004 on IWDG trip with Colin Barnes.Last picture shows 165km track over 7 hours in search of whales/dolphins.

Photos of seals near Kinsale, 21 Aug 2004

Common Dolphins outside Kinsale Harbour between Doon Pier and bulman. 31 Oct 2004

All taken with a 'top of the range' (€7) disposable camera.

See all the photos and map of sighting location.


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