Secchi Disk Express - Build one really Fast!

Karl Grabe
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005 SDC11682 010 SDC11625 an old LP 020 SDC11629 deck Eye 030 SDC11633 deck eye bolt diameter 040 SDC11637 next drill size up for bolt
050 SDC11632 drill for deck eye bolt 070 SDC11647 sand before paiting 080 SDC11648 paint used - better to use outdoor paint instead 090 SDC11650 a few coats needed 100 SDC11651 washers for deck bolt and holding weights
120 SDC11668 130 SDC11671 under side waseher for weights - not painted 140 SDC11681 tie wraps to hold weights 145 SDC11669 lead weights x2 each 100g or 4oz 150 SDC11672 tie wrap loosly attached - wahers will hold in place