RMS Lusitania 100

100th Anniversary 7 May 2015, by CorkCoast.com, @CorkCoast


RMS Lusitania was a Cunard ocean liner torpedoed by the German U-20 on 7 May 1915 just 15 km South of the Old Head of Kinsale, Cork, Ireland with the loss of 1,198 people.

2015.05.07 100th Commeration & Opening of the Signal Tower at the Old Head of Kinsale: CorkCoast.com/tower

(mostly) my own photos & collection of Lusitania items:

Postcards, mostly picked up on ebay. Circa 1910. Pictures of them all here.
Medal - replica minted shortly after the German original showing the sinking ship - at the end of the Postcards
MV Odyssey Explorer and Zeus II ROV Photos I took in Jul 2008 outside Kinsale when they were filming the wreck. The program was shown on Discovery Channel.
L-R: Marine Map showing wreck, a photo I took from the site - passengers could clearly see the Old Head of Kinsale from the sinking ship, sonar image of the Lusitania from a boat sounder in 2009 just over the wreck. All Images Map GPS waypoints - also shows whales etc.
L-R: memorial near the old head of kinsale, Lusitania's Captain Turner, U-20 Submarine. All Images

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