RV Celtic Mist Info (based on original info from IWDG, edited by k grabe Jan 2013)

It’s a sailing Ketch – so 2 masts with 3 normal sails:

  1. Mizzen sail, behind wheelhouse

  2. Main sail
  3. Jib/Foresail

Length: 17 meters | 56 feet

Engine: 360hp Caterpillar diesel

Speed: with engine: 8.5 knots and a cruising speed of 6 knots


The wheelhouse with seating area, working areas for charts/navigation and a working area for research work. Various navigational instrumentation including VHF radio, GPS chart plotter, echo sounder and AIS.

Back aft, there was one large Cabin which use to be Charlie Haughey's. This was converted to 1 medium sized Skipper cabin on the port side and 2 bunk berths on the starboard side with a hall running through to the heads (toilet) at the back. This toilet has been fitted with a holding tank so it can be used in port.

Up forward there are 2 bunk berths on the starboard (R) side and 2 bunk berths on the port (L) side with one berth in the forepeak right at the front of the boat. A second toilet with shower is located on the port side with access to it from doors on the starboard and port side.

A spacious galley (kitchen) is positioned in the centre of the boat.


The Celtic Mist was built in Brittany France in 1974 by Custo, to a design by Dominique Presles. Presles, a founding member of the French Institute of Naval Architects, is renowned for his sturdy, reliable and fast trawlers and sailing yachts. It was purchased by Charles Haughey after his previous yacht Taurima was wrecked near Mizen Head lighthouse in 1985. In Spring 2011 the Celtic Mist was donated to the Irish Whale and Dolphin group.

Refit Work

This consisted if converting from a 6 berth to 8 berth, replacing an existing wooden railing with a slightly higher steel one for safety reasons. The hull colours were repainted in Royal Blue instead of the original Cream. The engine was completely overhauled and new sacrificial anodes, which prevent hull and propeller corrosion, were fitted on the stern underside. Anti-fouling, which prevents the growth of marine organisms on the hull, was painted on the bottom of the ship underneath the waterline. A colour montage was painted on the hull consisting of a common dolphin on the bow, a Fin whale midships and a Humpback Whale tail Fluke near the stern. The group's website: www.IWDG.ie was also painted on the sides. These paintings were completed by wildlife artist Michael O'Clery, who also painted the dolphins on the IWDG centre in Kilrush. The entire deck was sanded down and re-caulked in places. All wooden parts of the ship were sanded and re-varnished as were the interior accommodation, exterior & interior of the wheel house. A new wet locker was installed on the port side of the wheelhouse. The wheelhouse already has to flat working area – one for chards and navigation and one for research work. See refit photos below.

From the IWDG: Info: info@rvcelticmist.ie and web site: www.rvCelticMist.ie.


Some of my photos:

In Kilrush on Launch day: